Written by Mathias et Julien Cadez

Stage director : Sébastien Lenglet

With : Mathias et Julien Cadez, Clément Goblet, Loïc Marles

Stage lighting : François Clion


Les Virtuoses, a musical treat with magic : something for everybody !

These 2 pianists take the stage with one objective : to mix together music, contemporary magic and Chaplinesque clowning. In a spectacle drawing on poetry and craziness, Les Virtuoses run together the virtuosity of the concert performer and the spirit of the clown. With their four hands, skillful but impish, they liberate the classics with irrepressible brio. But this duo don’t just play music, they enhance it with magical transformations. Then with the tips of their fingers, they touch the strings leading the audience into a wonderful dream world. A dancing light takes center stage and twirls among the tunes, notes which take flight in a flurry of doves’ wings. Musicians, actors, magicians, the irresistible Virtuoses achieve the seemingly impossible, marrying wild imagination with seriousness and making great music come alive for everybody. This is a dream-like celebration in music carried off infectious enthusiasm by these two dynamic pianists.

This is what the stage director says of it :


« Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Prokofiev, Gounod, Saint-Saëns, Dukas, and many others… this is what Les Virtuoses are all about. Fireworks on the piano which blow the dust of our conventions in a joyful gesture of freedom. Music, magic and drama provide the fertile elements for this duo of fully-fledged artists. Piano, dream and above all humour… the whole show is a thrill for the emotions, shot through with music, inspired by the clowns Chaplin and Slava, by cabaret and mime. Bringing Les Virtuoses to the stage means keeping a subtle balance wich allows a broad smile to play while their hands play Chopin. It is to handle that transgression which is really a form of respect. It is to reconcile the spectacular and the deeply felt. Is is to create along with them a world of magic, tenderness and humour, out of whatever music means to us. »


Sebastien Lenglet, stage director