The Virtuoses are two brothers with music at their fingertips and magic running through their veins !


Mathias and Julien Cadez learned how to master the piano at the Conservatoire of Lille. Their career as concert musicians seemed clear-cut, yet the two brothers just couldn ‘t sit still in front of the keyboard. As soon as Bach isn’t looking, they start playing around and entertaining themselves by playing standing up or together with four hands. And as they hail from a family of illusionists, they also enjoy producing doves out of thin air and making candlesticks move to the rhythm of a Gymnopédie…


« We have always felt the power of music when we’re on the stage. We were nurtured backstage or behind the curtain at the magic shows of our grandparents, parents and even our older brother. We really felt the music and the magic with every inch of our being. Each night, our child selves, unable to understand the tricks, were simply in awe of them. Each night, the same music resounded. And now we only have to play a few notes of that same music to relive the emotions, mixed with pride and anxiety, before the curtain rises. Now, our heart races time and time again.

When we became musicians we wanted to search for this subtle yet universal and dreamlike alchemy. We wanted a piano to fly and land on stage. The strings immediately vibrated and two characters appeared, dressed in black and white just like the piano keys. Then the music took control of the magic we felt inside and it became a whole new world of expression. Les Virtuoses are but a sweet, wonderful and mischievous return to childhood, where dream and laughter are one… »